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John Barrett is Publisher & CEO of FORE Georgia the Official Golfer's Magazine of the Georgia PGA, Since 1998.
CEO/President, GOLF Media Inc., a full service Marketing & Advertising Agency serving the golf industry. Both Companies are members of the Georgia Golf Course Owners Association, NGF, AMA, Evergreen Society and Numerous Golf Associations.
"The Best Golf Mats I have ever used!"    Rating
    "Having Tested GORILLA Perfect ReACTION Wood Tee Golf Mats™, I can honestly say they are the best golf mats I have ever used. They live up to their 5-Star name.

    No bounce, No Shock on the wrists or Elbows. The 2 color natural Turf was so dense I can use my own wood Tees. Perfect for irons/wedges!

    You truly can hit down and through! Instant Feedback! Fat, Thin or a Perfect Swing! These are the Best Mats You Can Buy! They Feel Like You're Hitting On Real Grass.

    5-Star Golf Mats have improved the way golfers practice!

    Best of all the cost is very low compared to similar golf mats.

    5 Star Golf Mats are taking
    the golf world by Storm!"

    ~ John Barrett

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