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 5 STAR GORILLA Commercial Driving Range Golf Mats

GORILLA Perfect ReACTION Commercial Driving Range Golf Mats
With Advances in Technology... 5 Stars ...5 Star offers you the best quality at the lowest prices! 5 Stars Sizes & Pricing
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5 Star GORILLA Commercial Driving Range Golf Mat

8 Year UV Protection Warranty

Perfect for High Traffic Driving Ranges

At Last A Golf Mat That Can Take the Abuse

Perfect For Driving Ranges

Martin Hall's 5 Star GOLF Mats Exceed the
Industry Standard

Engineered to Endure Years of Practice!

Simply the BEST QUALITY Commercial Golf Mat
on the Market!


Martin Hall's 5 STAR GORILLA Commercial Driving Range Golf Mats

No Shock!

Commercial Driving Range Mat Side View


 8 Year UV Protection Warranty - All Weather
 100% Nylon - Lead Free! Made in the USA!
 5 Star Golf Mats Will Not Stain Clubs
 30% Denser Turf For Long Life
 Industrial Bonded, Heat Sealed Edges to Prevent Fraying
 Absorbs Club Shock - Outstanding Feel - 1¼" Thick
 Use on Grass or Any Firm Flat Surface - Totally Safe for Use on Concrete
 Highest Quality - High Traffic - 5 Stars All the Way!
 Engineered to Withstand Practice From Golfers of All Levels. For Use With All Clubs
 At Last You Can Buy Direct
From 5-Star Golf Mats and SAVE!
1 ¼" Total Thickness - Includes Rubber Tees & Adjustable Wood Tee Plug
Includes Rubber Tees For use with all clubs
Mats are pre-punched for
Rubber Tees
Each mat comes with
3 Rubber Tees:
2¼", 3" & Adjustable Wood Tee Plug
- Club Selection - ALL CLUBS can be used on our Commercial Golf Mats

    The Test Results Are In... Buyer Beware!
STOP Buying From Any Company Selling Pet and Baseball Turf!
They are trying to pass off that cheaper turf as golf mats.

The Price may look attractive, but those mats only last 1 or 2 seasons.
The Quality Is Just Not There!

The 5 Star Difference

5 Star Golf Mats Last Several Seasons Longer
30% Denser 3D Turf™

Engineered Only For Golf
Perfect ReACTION Technology Quality is Key
When Buying a Golf Mat.

You can have the best quality golf mats that last seasons longer...


Buying golf mats from ANY COMPANY that sells Pet and Baseball Turf. They are trying to pass off that cheap turf as golf mats. The quality is just not there and they only last for 1 or 2 seasons. NOT A BARGAIN!

Martin Hall has quality tested each product and given his 5 Star Seal of Approval!

Finally a site where you can shop with confidence with one of the top Golf Instructors in the world!

If you are looking for quality products at great prices - you have arrived!

Satisfaction Guarantee If you are unhappy with any of Martin Hall's 5 Star Golf Products, simply return your unused purchase for a

Who else offers this kind of guarantee?

Shop With Confidence - YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

Satisfaction Guaranteed Martin Hall's
GORILLA Commercial Driving Range Golf Mats
Perfect For Driving Ranges
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8 Bonus Gifts From Martin Hall
Size Quantity: 1-5
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4x5 $ 210.00/ea.  Add to Cart
5x5 $ 249.00/ea.  Add to Cart
5x5 Octagon $ 251.00/ea.  Add to Cart
Free Tees
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Add A Premium Commercial Golf Ball Tray to Your Order!

* A Residential grade ball tray comes with each mat. Commercial grade ball trays are available for purchase.
HIGH IMPACT Golf Ball Tray

High Impact Golf Ball Tray
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Free Shipping
DELUXE Rubber Golf Ball Tray

Deluxe Rubber Golf Ball Tray
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Golf Tees

2 ¾" Tees
Golf Tees

3 ¼" Tees

5 Star Golf Ball Pyramid Stacker - Commercial and Home Models
5 Star 4-in-1 Golf Ball Stacker
Commercial Model

240 Ball - 140 Ball - 90 Ball - 55 Ball
5 Star 29-Ball Golf Ball Stacker
Home Model

5 Star Golf Training Stations
5 Star
Golf Training Stations
Are Perfect For
Golfers of Any Level!

  See Why 5 Star Golf Mats Make All Other Golf Mats Obsolete!

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